Who we are

David Hathaway

Image David HathawayDavid started the company over 35 years ago and is still very active in guiding the direction of the company.
David started his own coal merchants business at the age of 25 in 1968, moving into bulk transport in 1976. The continuing success of the company is due to David's work ethic. 

Davids likes include his 13 Grand-children, Ferrari, Wildlife, Welsh mountains and Wadworths 6X.... Dislikes fresh peas, saling, crashing his racing car.

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Matthew Hathaway

Managing Director

Image Matthew HathawayMatthew has worked within the Company since leaving school in 1986. He started by driving a class 2 vehicle and has then worked at every level with in the he company. As Managing Director, he is now responsible for all distribution, warehousing and customer services operations.

He has the most thorough knowledge of both the our Company and our Industry. This enables him to be able to converse at all levels with the confidence of someone whose career is also his passion. 

Matthew likes Liverpool FC and dislikes Man U (and anyone who supports Man U) 

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James Hathaway

Warehouse / Fleet Director

Image James HathawayJames has a background in vehicle engineering.  Now James has two main roles.

He is responsible for the company’s considerable fleet of vehilces, trailers and material handling equipment. He also oversees the warehouse middle management and their operational effectiveness.  

He has also worked in a wide variety of roles within the company and knows our Company from top to bottom.

James likes to collect expensive bicycles (but does use them to be fair), Rugby and Coffee. Amongst his dislikes are football, trucks that break down, drivers that make trucks break down.

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Chris Hathaway

HR & Quality Director

Image Chris HathawayChris came to the company after having completed University in London.  He has worked within all departments within the company and has a sound knowledge of what makes the company what it is. He is responsible for the human resources, marketing and the quality levels within the company.

His likes include flying himself around in his paramotor or hot air balloon, proper motorcars that smell of petrol and scare you, Wadworth 6X and cake. Dislikes include people who consistently moan, people who don't like cake, people who don't share their cake. 

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Dave Holtom

Transport Manager

Image Dave HoltomDavid joined the company in 2002 as senior traffic planner. As Transport Manager he ensures that the vehicles run in the most efficient manner possible. He retains this role to this day and is responsible for the day to day running of the traffic fleet, as well as dealing with sub contractors and achieving financial targets.

David is a big Man U fan, loves super strong coffee and holidays. He dislikes milk in coffee or on cereal, people who don't listen. Line break


Michelle Crocker
Financial Director

Michelle joined the company in January 2010. She progressed in June
2010 to become the Company's Finance Director.